Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Stress of a Pet Fish

On Sunday, my "buddy" at work bought his son a pet goldfish.
After promising his son that he wouldn't eat his new pet without permission, they went home with two new fishies, a fish bowl, and some food.
Do people really eat pet goldfish?  Sigh...

On Monday, Buddy turned to me and desperately exclaimed "I forgot to feed the fish!  Do you think the fish will live?  It's my son's first pet."  I was pretty sure that a fish wouldn't die of starvation from only a few hours without food.  I assured him that all would be ok.
What do I know about fish?!  Clearly, not a thing...

On Tuesday, Buddy depressingly walked into his cubicle.  Before mumbling a good morning, he turned to me with his head bowed down in shame.  "My son's fish died.  He wasn't sad because I told him that his fish would get a viking's funeral and be flushed."
I was shocked.  I mean, it was only 8 hours behind it's feeding schedule!
I immediately questioned the fish's living arrangements.  It all seemed somewhat normal.
I'm no fish expert, but something clearly wasn't right here!

In attempt to make my grieving Buddy feel better about disappointing his son, I told him the story about my first pet.
My first pet was a goldfish that I named Omlette.  Omlette was a very good fish.  I loved him to bits.  A few days after adopting my new baby, 7 year old Jax took notice that her fish was swimming in it's own poo water.  My OCD didn't like that.  I quickly rescued my fish from the dangers of e-coli by scrubbing him down with soap and a q-tip.  Moments later, my dear Omlette was dead.  Omlette, too, lived out the fate of a viking's funeral down the bowl.

The moral of the story:  Don't take fish advice from Jax.
Did you ever have bad luck with a pet?


  1. That is almost like a Shakespearean tragedy that tale of Omlette the goldfish. It was the fact you loved him so much that lead to his demise. It's really so sad when you think about it.

  2. omg this remember me when I was little how littlrJax and I was happy to see little ducks that I helped. to born, I think will be happy to begin to swim and put the little ducks in a place with water, but they arent so happy, fortunately my uncle Miguel come anf said no, no, they arent ready dear, the mom is that begin swimm with them!!!was terrible, only good dont remember if someone die, my kids dont know this history, lol

  3. Poor Omlette, you loved him to death. My cat Piggy died last year at 15 years of age and it was hard on me. Even though I knew it was coming I wasn't really prepared to not see him in all his usual places. Okay, I'm going to make myself cry if I don't stop. He was a great cat.

  4. Both my ferrets passed away to medical conditions and we still miss them very much. :(

  5. hi dear! i should ask my hubby.. he's an expert with fish. we actually have 3 aquariums at home. fish is very delicate to take care of. many of ours died and often because of the temperature... or sometimes they just died for no reason at all...
    if you have questions just tell me and i will pass it to my hubby he'll definitely can help :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. Yes, bad luck with a dog who used to run away every time we let her out to do her business. We had to chase her to get her back. It was so frustrating. We finally sold her to some people who had a farm. No, she didn't 'buy the farm,' I swear!

  7. I feel like every child has some terrible gold fish story - I've heard so many of them. Sigh, those poor souls

  8. @Jimmy...Omg, you so GET it!!! LOL!!! Yes, it's a very sad tragedy. Sigh..., the poor little ducks!!! At least your uncle came out in enough time to save them :)

    @Anne...I'm so sorry for your loss!! I can only imagine how rough it must be to lose a dog or a cat. I haven't experienced that yet. Although I was a blubbering mess when my geco, Mac, passed.

    @DWEi...This is turning out to be a very depressing post! I'm sorry about your ferrets. :(

    @Meggy...Ohh, yes!!! Thank you :) I'm going to shoot you an e-mail b/c I think I figured out Buddy's problem. He's been using bottled water. I think that's what killed his poor little goldfish.

    @QueenBee...That's great that you found your pooch a home where he/she could run free!!! At least your story has a happy ending. :)

  9. @Rooth...I know!! I'm surprised that we aren't all haunted by goldfish. You'd think carnivals were full of disgruntled fish ghosts!

  10. LMAO well you just wanted Omlette to stop swimming in poo, a valiant effort. Not sure Omlette would agree though...haha

    I never thought they would die from one missed feeding either. And yes I had a golden fish named Barney..haha...actually I think there were a few of them as mom was sneaky and switched them when he died. I don't think I had anything to do with it, but he/they to went down the loo...haha...the sewers must be littered with gold fish.

    Losing a pet with more of a brain function than swim and eat sucks though. Gold fish I can get over..haha

  11. When I finally got my 1st apartment without a roommate, I got very lonely so I bought some fish. I ended up crying when one of them had "ick" and spread it to my other fish. It was awful, I lost all most all of them. Everyone had a name and they really did keep me company. When they all went to fish heaven I told myself I could never have fish again. It was just way too stressful to think that when one of them gets sick they can all get sick.

  12. HAHAHA Jax! Girl, I had a pet Goldfish that lasted only two days. When we changed the water the pH must've been off. The poor thing jumped out of the bowl and died. LOL Goldfish are persnickety girl. Never bought another. Had a bird, but my grandmother got tired of taking care of it and let it loose. Then told me, he flew away. HAHAHA Have a great day girl.

  13. This is all very suspicious. That fish didn't die, he was MURDERED. Angela Landsbury will be showing up any time now to explain to you how the deed was done. Maybe the fish was suicidal. Did he leave a note?

  14. Great story Jax--despite the sad ending.

    We have run through 2 groups of goldfish here in 12 years. The Mrs. decided to stop changing the water so much and cleaning the tank. It stays a little dirtier but our current 4 big goldies could care less. And the kids attend fewer funerals at flush.

  15. @Pat...Right?? I was just trying to help my swimming friend out. Psh, poor baby. Went and croaked from being squeaky clean. What a horrible ending! Swim in poo and live or bath and die.

    So you think your mommy switched the Barney's up? Noooo, maybe the poor guy just changed to adapt to his envirnment. LOL The Viking will be happy to hear about all these viking funerals. hahahaha

  16. @Preppy Girl...Omg, that's so sad!!! yes, it's crazy how one disease could spread to everyone. Naturally, of course, your story led me to picture the demise of the entire world thanks to the quick spread of the contagious Ick. Sigh :(

  17. after read a lot of comment Jax I think golden fish dont have lucky:( something happens always) lol

    Anyway now I take care the pets a lot sigh! we have three dogs and Esperanza (your twin I think) had hamsters, mouses, birds, cats and all pass away lol

  18. Just the thought of how dirty fish tanks get, makes me want to vomit.

    I always did good with pets. Part of my obsessive stuff is making sure there's always plenty of water, they are brushed, the couches are vaccumed so there's not too much fur on them, and they are fed the exact amount of food they are supposed to be, twice a day. That's not the whole list, but I don't want to take up all the space on the internets with my obsessive behavior list. :)

  19. @Kim...I just passed your message along to Buddy about the ph of the water. I didn't know that...he used bottled water. That may be the culrpit!

    @Cal...I'm thinking it was a murder. Forget about suicide. After all, the son was worried about his father turning his pet into a snack. Suspicious!!!!

    @Slam...basically, keep the water a little dirty. I'll pass that message along as well. Thanks for the tips!

  20. this is so random because i was wikipediaing goldfish last night after my friend was talking about her koi pond and I found myself in one of those wiki loops you can’t get out of. Anyhow, I read that they can live years and that most of their reputation about dying quickly can be attributed to poor upkeep (no offense to your coworker). Apparently they need much larger bowls than the cliché fish bowl as (like Omelette showed you) they quickly muck it up with their “output”. At least you made sure that he dyed quickly instead of suffering at toxic levels of his own filth!  that is really funny you washed him.

    And yes, I won a goldfish at the school carnival in 2nd grade- he was dead within the week.

  21. If you want something that lives longer than fish, get ANYTHING else. For being able to adapt the the cold water and pressure of the deep waters, fish are the biggest pussies I've ever seen.

  22. @Gloria...She does sounds like my twin!! Besides, I love her name. I've always liked that name b/c it means hope. I also like Zoey b/c it means life in Greek. I've had many pets that passed too. Did your daughter ever have a hedgehog? They are adorable! I think you should get her one :) She'll love it!

    @Spork...My obsessive behavior kills them. I bleached my snakes tank out. I even rinsed it out REALLY well. Poor baby died anyways. Sigh...Never bleached a tank again.

  23. @Caitlin...You just made me feel much better!!! I bought my best friend, Biff, a fish 2 years ago for his birthday. That little fishie is still alive and kicking to this day! It's all about how they are taken care of :)

    @Barfly...LMAO You always make me laugh!!! hahaha

  24. So I guess the consensus is Goldfish like to live in filth or at least a fair amount of it. Meaning no clean freaks should ever own one..hahaha

    LOL I don't know sometimes he grew and sometimes he shrunk, unless there was one of those Honey I Shrunk the Kids beam things around, I think their were multiple Barney's..hahaha

  25. Jax love you a lot but please dont give ideas to your twin (lol) she wants other pet now a bunny with large ears (like betsy have) and she want to go to live to Betsy house :))
    and you can guess who will care the bunny:) yes!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. sorry I comment twice for this I delete, :)

  28. hahahaaha glorious funeral viking. +1 for viking parenting. my dog ran away about 2months, then outta nowhere he shows back up yesterday. he went ape shit wild when he saw me pull in the driveway.

  29. make the fish's viking funeral boat out of swiss cheese, that way when it sinks you can make it out of that harder, crumbly, solid, no-holes cheese that nobody likes the taste of instead.

    i think deep down, Omlette wanted to be named Eggs Benedict, wanted a more royal name...

    poo water, what are you gonna do, huh?

  30. We once scooped up some tadpoles from the pond or river somewhere and brought them home in a water bottle. I had a fish bowl so we put them in there. Most of them died, but I think one became a tiny frog and jumped away.

  31. @Pat...Guess so. That means that Omlette and Barney were screwed from the start. Poor guys!!! hahahaha

    @Gloria...aww, she wants a bunny? They are adorable! Too bad that I am allergic to bunny rabbits. But, the hedgehog idea is great! I think Esperanza will love it :) hahaha Ok, I won't tell my twin and save you some work. lol

    @Bart...Glad you approve of the viking funerals. Your dog story is the sweetest!!!!! I bet that little guy was so happy to see you. :)

    @Phoenix...LOL I never really met anyone who likes that swiss cheese either. And it stinks like high hell. hahaha Great idea! LOL @ egg benedict!

  32. @Adam...awww, I love frogs!!! So you killed all those babies?! Omg!!!!

  33. LMAO at least they went out with a shine.

  34. I don't think you were following me yet when i wrote the story about my youngest who had a rat. He had it on the top bunk playing with it one day and it "flied" off the top bunk. Apparently it was "tired" so he put it back in it's cage.
    We had a funeral that night. The rat trying to escape the boy had jumped off the bed and had a heart attack.

  35. Growing up we had Zig and Zag as our pets. Unfortunately due to the timing of a holiday and a neighbour with the wrong key, we were horrified to come back home to two belly up fish. They received a mighty burial in our back yard at the time which I later found out the neighbour hood cat dug up later and feasted on.

  36. I had horrible luck with fish too, but I was a bit older! That's a sad, but kind of amusing story. Poor fish!

  37. We have been through many a fish in our we have an empty fish bowl with pretty, colorful rocks on the windowsill. No more fish will meet their untimely deaths in my home.

  38. I guess there really is such a thing as being too clean? ha. Poor fish. But very cute story!

    Did you know the #1 cause of goldfish death is over feeding? People tend to give too much because fish will eat themselves to death. One pinch of food doesn't seem to be enough and they appear to still be hungry. I bet that's what happened before the missed meal.

    Anyway, dear jax. I've mentioned you in my new post. Come take a look!

  39. i have also had bad luck with fish. when i was a kid, i fell behind on the whole feeding of the fish, and he died. but a friend of mine got a fish and didn't feed him for a whole day and he's fine. so who knows? not me. also, i love two lyrical sentences in here: omlette was a very good fish. i loved him to bits... bubbling with girlish enthusiasm:)

  40. I bought a beta fish my freshman year of college after a boyfriend broke up with me. We could only have fish in the dorms and I figured why not?

    It lasted 2 days. I went to change the water in the bowl, forgot that the fish needed to get used to it and killed it. Ugh. Sucks.

  41. I had a fish that literally committed suicide. I went out for the day, only to come home to find out that my fish has jumped out of its bowl. Never got another fish since then.

  42. @Pat....Exactly ;)

    @Melynda...Oh that is GREAT!!! Poor Rat though... lol

    @JOutlaw...You're one of the very few that didn't perform the viking death ritual. Interesting...

    @Leslie...It was very sad. RIP Omlette.

    @L...That's such a great idea!! You should get a fake fish to keep in there. When my frog died, I put a frog statue in his tank for a few months. Made me feel better.

    @Betsy...I already forwarded your comment to Buddy. And you are STILL amazing :)

    @Ed...Those fish are very tricky!! And you made me LOL by pointing out my girly talk. I just can't help it sometimes...hahaha

    @Krysten...2 days after your break up you got dead fish? Double ouch!!!

    @Zyu...A suicidal fish? Oh my!! I wonder what caused him to go that sad route. A moment of silence for your fish... :(

  43. awe i am so sorry about this.

    xo Nav

  44. I want to thank you for coming over to my page and playing today. I left to play with the Hubby (band, not shag!), then went outside to pull weeds. When I got back to the computer I found all you guys making merry. It was a real nice pick-me-up.

    Do any of us ever sleep?

  45. @Nav...Yes, it's a very sad story!

    @Sucen...You're always coming around saying that!

    @Anne...I do sleep, just not much! hahahaha It is nice when you come back to a little convo on your page. Glad it picked you up :)

  46. I had a fish named CaptiN Crunch..lye lived for years!

  47. Ugh, goldfish are so fragile. I went through dozens of them.

  48. At least they went out with a shine.

  49. OMG! I could laugh myself out with this article! That's weird though, i had a goldfish that i missed to feed for about half a day and it didn't die, except months later to disease. It was back in the days when i knew nothing of fish pets. I am doing good now, in fact i have a small pet fish shop. Check it out. Fish Aquariums near Lincoln.


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